Bereket the heroic farmer and Dirshu the comedian on the Seifu program

Bereket is a female farmer from Ethiopia who invested one million euros in the industry. The primary sector of the Ethiopian economy, accounting for 80% of all employment, 83.9% of total exports, and 41.4% of the GDP, is agriculture. In comparison, over the previous ten years, Ethiopia’s main agricultural sector has risen at a rate of roughly 10% annually, which is significantly higher than the country’s population increase.

The service and industrial industries are additional crucial sectors, contributing 43% and 15.6%, respectively (The World Factbook, 2016). Ethiopia has invested annually in the agriculture sector at a rate of roughly 14.7% of all government spending since 2003, according to measures relating to agricultural expenditures.

Ethiopia is one of the few African nations that has regularly met the Comprehensive Africa Agricultural Development Program (CAADP) targets of a 10% increase in public investment in agriculture by the year 2008 and a jump in agricultural production growth of at least 6% by 2015. Despite the fact that agriculture is one of Ethiopia’s most promising industries, it has been hampered by recurrent droughts, a burdensome tax regime, and shoddy infrastructure that frequently makes it difficult and expensive to get products to markets.

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