I assisted him in getting married, and my family assisted me.

the narrative of the wedded Ethiopian couple on EBS. I was assisted in getting married by my family, and he was assisted by me. Traditionally, the bride receives presents from the groom and his family before the wedding, such as bridal clothes and jewels. Participants and gifts can come from other attendees as well.

Additionally customary is for the parents of the groom to plan the supper. The bride’s family typically has the most flexibility. But the bride’s family is welcome to help. A kitfo dish is a specialty of Ethiopia offered during weddings. This meal of raw beef and minced meat is served before Tej. Injera (Ethiopian sponge bread) and Doro wat, two regional favorites, are also frequently served (spicy chicken and egg stew).

Following the dance, the wedding cake is the day’s last supper. As the couple is escorted to cut the first piece of cake to share with each other, the crowd moves aside to make room for them. The dance starts as soon as the food is ready. Everyone should perform their best Eskista moves now.

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