He was married and fathered a kid

While I was there, he revealed to my sister that he was married. He was married and the father of a child who teased me all my life. The individual may occasionally display actions that come across as being incredibly affectionate and loving. In actuality, these measures are intended to monitor the other person and restrict them from taking any actions or traveling to locations that are beyond their control.

Possession and jealousy are other forms of control. While these are both common human feelings that everyone occasionally feels, they become unhealthy when someone is trying to control what you do, when they snap at you when they’re upset, or when they accuse you of being unfaithful.

Lack of trust is a common characteristic of unhealthy relationships. Either you or your partner may frequently feel as though the other is concealing information from you. Both parties in a relationship must engage in mutual, reciprocal self-disclosure in order to establish healthy trust. This entails gradually sharing personal information as the friendship develops and grows.

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