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Ethiopian wedding ceremony for Seble in Germany

Ethiopian weddings are a vibrant celebration thanks to the rich wedding customs there. Even though many couples prefer to have modern weddings, many young people still opt to integrate traditional rituals in their wedding ceremonies. Telosh occurs two days before the wedding. The presents given to the bride by the groom and his family are typically a bridal gown or jewelry. The remaining members of the group then present their gifts to the bride before everyone gathers for dinner. On the day the groom comes to pick up the bride, every member of the bride’s family congregates outside the house and sings a traditional song to make it clear that they will not let anyone inside. After pleading with the bride’s family, the groom is finally allowed inside and presents his bride with flowers. She accepts the flowers with a kiss and they are then driven to the wedding automobile by friends and relatives.
Kissing on the knee is one of the more unusual Ethiopian wedding traditions. Older relatives of the bride’s and groom’s extended family, as well as the grandparents of the bride and groom, wait for the arrival of their grandchildren at the hall where the wedding is planned to take place. The pair approaches the senior family members in the hallway and kisses their knees to express gratitude and admiration. The grandparents then give their blessing to the couple. If the parents are seated nearby, they also bless the couple.

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