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The kind of relationship you should avoid

We should probably handle that one first. Eros is passionate, erotic, or sexual love. Most of the time, it comes down to need and is more about the individual experiencing sexual attraction than the person or thing they are displaying their care for. It creates habits. Both extremes of happiness and despair might result from it. It is not always advantageous. More hearts are broken on Valentine’s Day as a result of unsatisfied sensual love. It may be a long-term relationship where the two people are no longer as enamored and passionate about each other. Brotherly affection is another name for it, as in Philadelphia. the community’s capital. Without a doubt, it could be sisterly love, which is an enveloping type of friendship. Your health will benefit from this love. the presence of a loved one. Blood pressure is lowered by the philia touch. People in committed partnerships who feel your love endure less pain, shorter hospital stays fewer doctor visits and overall better happiness. When difficulty arises, all of these advantages of philia love and loving relationships strengthen us. Moms are most familiar with this kind of love, although it is rarely spoken up in conversations about it. It is love from parents for their children. It is referred to as the most sincere form of love. Natural in the sense that there is no rust. It is emoted because we are powerless to control it, and it is indifferent to how lovable the other person is.

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