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He asked me to marry him the day after I prayed for one

The couples exchanged life stories. On the day I prayed to God for a husband, he made a marriage proposal to me. The adage “go and do what makes you happy” has deceived this generation since they were little. Many students, in my experience, approach their first day of employment with the attitude “here I am! Now, make me happy.” That is simply not how the world operates, and marriage is no different—frighteningly so.

I believe that many newlyweds view marriage in the same manner. “All right, [husband], I’m here. Make me happy now. A lot of work goes into a marriage. Unless you enjoy never-ending altruistic service with no recognition, you can end up somewhere you did not anticipate. While excellent things can happen to us that make us happy, this is less common than the fact that we are in a good position within. In other words, we take pride in our work, character, and honesty.

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