A day spent with Amleset in Nechisar Park and Lake Chamo

Amleset and I spend the day at Nechisar Park and Lake Chamo. The park’s name translates to “white grass,” and it is one of the most beautiful and easily accessible parks, located around 500 miles from Addis Ababa, the country’s capital. It borders the city of Arba Minch and is regarded by many people as the best park in the nation. On a ridge above the park, the city, which is also known as 40 Springs, is home to a wide selection of convenient lodges.

The park spans an isthmus (land bridge) connecting Lake Abaya and Lake Chamo, covering an area of around 51,400 acres. It is referred to as the “Bridge of God” locally. At Lake Chama, the elevation of the park is 1108 meters, while at Mount Tabala, known for its hot springs, it is 1650 meters.

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