Signs that a man is madly in love

As your connection grows, you could begin to question its sincerity. Even if you’ve been dating your partner for a while, it might be hard to focus on what’s in front of you when you’re close to someone. One of the most overt signs that a man loves you is when he pays close attention to everything you say. He constantly contributes to the conversation and is interested in your viewpoints on any topic. This shows that he is interested in finding out more about your world and that he values what you have to offer. If he not only listens to what you have to say but also takes action on your advice, this is another sign that he respects you and your opinions. Anyone can pay attention when someone compliments them, but taking in criticism is far more difficult! If your partner truly loves you and is modest enough to accept criticism, he would want to maintain your relationship strong. He shows that he listens to you and remembers what you say by knowing your favorite foods. He has probably noted this so he may treat you to them or give them to you when you need a boost. He clearly wants to leave a good impression, which is why he brings your favorite cupcakes to you every weekend.

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