What does your palm say about your life?

The four primary lines that each hand possesses are the easiest method to grasp palm reading. Your hand’s lines do vary as your circumstances change throughout time. Take a photo of your palm in the daytime and compare it a year to year to see the changes.

Curved headlines differ significantly from straight headlines in several important ways. According to Saucedo, a slightly curved headline denotes creativity, whereas a straight headline denotes someone who is highly analytical and enjoys logistics—”black and white, yes or no.”

But Saucedo is quick to remind out that, contrary to what many people think, the lifeline has nothing to do with your lifetime. It more closely relates to how positive you feel about your life. If it disappears, she explains, “it’s just a part of your life where you can feel like the rug was yanked out from under you.” But that doesn’t imply you’re ill or have any other condition.

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