Ethiopian TV stations with most high salaries

Performance pay programs have been proved to help employers enhance employee effort, productivity, and earnings. Prior to this, it was unclear what effect performance pay plans would have on employee job satisfaction. Employee satisfaction will increase with increased pay, but other components of performance pay plans may have a negative impact. For employees who are risk averse, performance-based compensation schemes may result in large changes in periodic wages. Employees may be forced to put in more work than they would want due to the performance evaluations connected to compensation plans. While some types of performance pay, such as profit sharing, may enhance job security, other types will spread earnings out more widely within the organization, which may undermine perceptions of fairness or lower morale and motivation. In order to achieve this, performance pay schemes may increase employee pay satisfaction while lowering it for other parts of the job, such as effort, risk, or perceived justice. Even after adjusting for fixed factors, profit sharing and/or performance compensation are still associated with improved overall satisfaction with pay, job stability, and hours. The detrimental influence on job satisfaction itself is entirely abolished in the fixed-effects estimates.

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