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How to grow hair faster using rice and rosemary water

Frustrated that no matter how many deep conditioners or hair treatments you apply, your locks are still lackluster? We want to let you in on a secret! A little rice and a dash of rosemary will quickly give you healthy, happy hair. The Red Yao tribe’s women have been using rice to take care of their hair for years, giving their Chinese hamlet the moniker Long Hair Village. With a little help from essential oils, we’ve put together a list of straightforward recipes that enable you to utilize the strong qualities of rice at home. Learn how to create your own rosemary rice water to get the clean, lustrous hair you’ve always wanted. Rinse the rice in a fine-mesh strainer under running water to get rid of any contaminants. Once the water from the rice runs clean, transfer it to a bowl. Give distilled water 20 minutes to sit. The rice should then be kneaded until the water becomes murky. It is clear from this that the rice’s minerals and vitamins have dissolved in the water. Rice water should be poured halfway up a glass jar. After adding the Rosemary oil, cover the container with a lid.

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