Melese Zenawi, a former prime minister of Ethiopia, made humorous speeches

Eshetu Melese is a youthful, vivacious comedian who plays wildly on stage without giving his audience a dull moment. He is currently hailed as the new Dereje and Habte, after whom the Ethiopian comedy scene was for a considerable amount of time paralyzed.

According to him, his radio program hosting career began with the radio play Yegna, which was supported by the UK and other sponsors and focused on Ethiopian females.

Following the Ethiopian government’s decision to forbid large gatherings in order to combat the spread of COVID-19, Eshetu began to stream his humor from his house on his YouTube page as part of a series titled “Eshe Ke Betu.” A fantastic cover of the best music from the 1990s by Geni. The Health Minister is a member of a task force led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Ph.D.), which includes other stakeholders.

People from other countries are the case’s main source, which is why everyone is requesting that Ethiopian Airlines shut down its flights and airports. The Prime Minister finally agrees to stop the flight from 30 countries after a protracted delay, despite the fact that those nations are not named.

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