A yearlong trip during which their lives underwent unanticipated alteration

When Kal and her pals, Over the course of a year, unforeseen life changes occurred. The Housing Program started slipping into the hands of ruthless urban property speculators when the government abandoned its regulatory duties and caved into financial interests, reclaiming a portion of every condo block for use as a commercial lease.

The program’s altruistic goal of helping low-income city people was partially defeated when the local government established itself at the head of the line and claimed the top floors of the condos. The initiative wasn’t started as a government-run public business venture. Additionally, the government cannot afford to collect rent or manage commercial properties since it has too many urgent challenges of governance to deal with on a daily basis.

The harm was extensive. First off, by joining the race for Addis’ condos, the government has set a poor precedent. Second, it decided to make the program profitable in order to benefit from the venture. It made it possible for corruption’s ills to enter through the back door.

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