He married another while I was waiting for him

My roommate is a man I don’t love. But I once fell in love with a guy I met in college. We had a couple of relaxing getaways and cozy dinners out. I always felt special because he always paid for everything. I thought I was his soulmate, but he wasn’t one to admit it, and the numerous cards I sent him expressing my love rarely received a response.

He married someone else after we split up, which was painful. But when he expressed a desire to meet on occasion, I was delighted. I was sure he had rushed into marriage because he wanted kids and security. Although I had a few serious lovers, none of them ever proposed marriage to me or had children with me.

At first, we continued to get together annually on a platonic basis. Through his job, I sent him cards. He then wanted to see me again after ten years of playing cards but no meet-ups. We shared a kiss and made plans to move on. I realized we were meant to be together after a few Travelodges.

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