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Heel dryness and cracking cause and quick fixes

Although cracked heels are unsightly, they usually don’t cause serious issues. Rarely, severely damaged heels may get infected, leading to the skin infection cellulitis. There are remedies you can do, no matter what caused your cracked heels. Different techniques can be used to stop heels from first breaking. When the skin around your heels becomes thick and dry, cracked heels may start to form. Under further strain, dry, thick skin may fracture or crack, resulting in heel fissures. At least twice every day, moisturize your feet. You can purchase over-the-counter moisturizers to remove the dead skin on your heels or to assist keep moisture. If your heels are severely cracked or don’t heal after a week of treatment, see a doctor. You might need to be treated by a podiatrist, a doctor who specializes in issues with the foot, ankles, and lower legs. Use a bandage or dressings around the heel to stop your skin from shifting. During this procedure, a medical professional removes the hard, thick skin from your heels. Do not attempt to do this by yourself. A skin infection could occur if too much skin is removed.

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