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Having friends in your life has several advantages, including a sense of belonging, decreased stress, enhanced confidence, support during difficult times, and an easier time quitting harmful habits. Strong social networks are associated with a lower risk of mental health issues, high blood pressure, and greater body mass indices, according to scientists. Furthermore, older persons who are connected to numerous people have a higher likelihood of living longer. Greek philosopher Aristotle wrote extensively about friendship, discussing what characteristics make for good friends and other subjects. Furthermore, he asserted that friends share a special kind of affection. But in essence, he added, good friends care about and share empathy with one another. This may encompass having compassion for others and helping out a friend who is in need. Good friends give each other compliments. They compliment and encourage one another. So, in addition to feeling good about yourself, you should also help your friends feel good. helping one another out. Being a good friend is supporting your friend when they’re feeling down or blue.

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