The depressing report on Saturday’s EBS

The depressing news on EBS on Saturday. Four narrative chapters—Birth, Discovery, Origin, and Contamination—break up the performance. As a result of the distinctive contributions made by the young performers, each of these moments presents diverse musical and visual landscapes upon which various identities inhabit the initial state of disorientation and discover inner aspirations as well as a sense of belonging that gradually takes shape.

The young performers, including Brazilian-born Afro-Italian ballet dancer Roberto Lazzari, Italian-Nigerian dancer and expert in afro-caribbean dance Ofelya Omoyele Balogun, Italian-Tunisian dancer and expert in electro-dance, hip-hop, and bone-breaking Andrea Bouothmane, and Italian choreographer and performer Irene Russolillo, embody the spirit of Mirrors, which will be

The original soundtrack was composed by the Italian-Ivorian producer EHUA, who is located in London, and has echoes and allusions to Italian and African musical traditions. From the Sicilian mouth harp and Salento folklore’s ancestor ballads, which incorporate vocal noises and guttural sounds that resemble percussion, to the incorporation of talking drums and djembes and the reworking of electronic genres like South African.

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