5 most attractive artists from Ethiopia

Recently, a male coworker made the remark that he’d like to know what women mean when they describe guys as stunning, lovely, cute, sexy, fine, good-looking, etc. In a group chat with some female friends later that day, I stated that I didn’t fully grasp what there was to “get,” but I was happy to accept the task of doing so. Therefore, knowledge on the intricacies of male physical attraction is rather few. Not that there isn’t plenty of evidence that women find men to be attractive. Finally, there are sufficient studies to demonstrate that elderly, slightly bearded, and somewhat muscular beefy meat slabs like George Clooney are truly beautiful. If a guy’s face could be used to create a statue of the Timeless Handsome Man Across All Handsomeness of All-Time Handsomeness, that man is said to be magnificent. Balance and proportion are the foundation for this evaluation. This shows that his chin is prominent, his chin is prominent, and his eyes are properly spaced apart. He also has a forehead rather than a three- or five-headed face. Due to their essential facial symmetry, they have a “classic” appearance and can be found in people of all ages. You instinctively know that you should put on formal dress and bring the appropriate clutch when you visualize them.

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