Meet the man who has lived in the jungle for 42 years

Meet the real-life Tarzan,’ who went through life completely oblivious to the presence of women. Ho Van Lang, 49, spent 41 years in the Vietnamese forest with his father and brother Tri. After his wife and two other children were murdered by a US bomb during the Vietnam War in 1972, Father Ho Van Thanh and his boys fled to the United States. They only saw five other humans in four decades of living in the bush, and they always raced away from them. The trio was rescued from their lonely lives in Quang Ngai province’s Tay Tra region eight years ago and relocated to a nearby village with women. It appears that his father never told his son about them. ‘What’s more amazing is that, despite his ability to distinguish between men and women, he is completely unaware of the underlying distinctions.’

According to Docastaway, Lang is an accomplished hunter who can hunt for prey using any manner necessary and can eat and live fully off the land. Fruit, honey, monkeys, snakes, lizards, and frogs are among his favorite foods, and the head of a rat is said to be his favorite. Tri, his brother, called him a “baby in a man’s body.” The narrator states, “If I asked Lang to beat up on someone, he’d do it brutally.” He can’t tell the difference between right and wrong. ‘ Lang is a little boy. He is utterly unaware of what is going on. My brother, unlike the majority of individuals, has no sense of what is good and terrible in life.’ Cerezo adds that during his first year out of the forest, his immune system had to adjust to new microorganisms, but he’s ‘happy adapting to his new life and has enjoyed observing ‘animals becoming friends with people.’ “Lang was maybe the most endearing person I’ve ever met; he just doesn’t know what’s good or evil,” he said. His father, on the other hand, is said to be concerned about returning to “regular life” since he “did not believe the Vietnam War was done” and wants to return to the forest at some point. ‘Lang doesn’t comprehend a lot of basic social principles,’ he explained. Lang has lived in the bush his entire life.

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