Ethiopian artist Serawit Fikre

Serawit Fikre, an Ethiopian artist, is celebrating his 20th wedding anniversary. Serawit Fikre, an Ethiopian film actor and director, was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital city, in 1970. He began his schooling at Kebena primary and secondary school and went on to direct various films like “Semayawiw Feres,” “Hiroshima,” and “Semayawiw Feres II.” His most famous commercial with Mulalem Tadese was for a soap.

On a typical day, when riding in one of the capital’s fast-moving minibusses to anywhere, the radio plays a program, and if you travel long enough, you will surely hear one of the 45-second to one-minute radio advertisements.

When you get off the minibus, you’ll almost certainly have a song or melody stuck in your head. Before you know it, you’ll be humming about Edna Mall or Lorado. Commercials, whether on the radio or on television, have a way of becoming stuck in your head; this is especially true of popular jingles like “Malaysia: Truly Asia,” a tune that accompanied a short TV ad advertising Malaysia.

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