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Celebrities from Ethiopia who have been wed for a long time

Each couple has many goals and dreams for their future life together, along with their family and friends. But getting married happily is by no means an easy journey. And many couples decide not to finish the voyage, as today’s divorce rates all too clearly show.

It would be simple to attribute our high rate of divorce to our neglecting to spend enough time together, allowing resentment and hatred to fester, and failing to maintain open channels of communication. Through books, articles, and seminars, you can learn how to improve these and many other parts of your relationship.

Although spending quality time together, forgiving one another, and having open lines of communication are essential to a good marriage, if these things aren’t happening, it’s typically an indication of a far bigger issue. Also, no amount of behavior change from the outside will work unless this problem is fixed.

Let’s look at the following verse from the Bible to get an idea of what this underlying issue might be: A legal expert among them put Jesus to the test by asking, “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the law?”

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