A touching tale about a mother locating her daughter

A touching tale about a mother discovering her daughter The other day, when I walked into a business, I received a warm welcome at the front desk. But a cleaner was sitting in a corner behind the front desk and staring at me while yawning and looking bored. The receptionist guided me to the appropriate office, and when I completed my work and left, I discovered the woman in the same spot, still yawning and appearing bored, watching me leave with her eyes.

This person negatively impacted the favorable impression made by the receptionist’s efficiency, and I questioned what might be wrong with her. During noon, I wanted to enter a store, but as I approached the entrance, the store owner altered the “Open” sign into “Closed.”

When I asked if I could still come in, the shopkeeper told me that they were closed for lunch, which cost him the chance to make a sale. These are some of the realities that managers and business owners encounter while attempting to run their organizations, without unfairly criticizing anyone who tries their best.

As a result, they must devise strategies for favorably affecting employees’ drive to work. There are various ways to accomplish this, such as through rewards and penalties, pay increases, the creation of a positive work atmosphere, coaching, delegation of more responsibility, profit sharing, etc.

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