Challenges make me strong – Artist Melat Nebiyu

Ethiopian actress Melat Nebiyu was interviewed. Melat Nebiyou, an Addis Ababa native, fell into acting by accident, although she went on to do a lot of work after that. Make a “creative space” in your home where you may collect all of your projects, aspirations, inspirations, and goals. We are beings who follow a set of rules. It’s a fantastic environment where we’ve become accustomed to being creative and are encouraged to do so every time we walk in.

Understanding the author’s goals and how to achieve them is crucial to taking action. As you learn more about storytelling, it becomes more innovative and effective. Writing also allows you to connect with your own story and clarify your thoughts and feelings about the issues that are most important to you. The game improves as you start writing.

When I have to execute a performance with a lot of lyrics in a short amount of time, I get up and crawl because I know that creativity won’t help if I don’t know the lines. A lack of sleep, on the other hand, is almost always the polar opposite of what your brain demands. Your brain waves are quite similar to when you’re awake when you’re in REM sleep, and your attention and reasoning abilities are at their highest.

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