Fun things happened in the background of our coworkers’ wedding

Behind the scenes of our coworkers’ wedding, enjoyable events occurred. Most of the people who sell street food don’t know how to cook it properly, and the streets of Addis aren’t very clean. This makes it inevitable that eating street food will make you sick. In contrast, the reality of street food in other nations is entirely different.

Even in Nairobi, the nation’s capital, it’s normal to find fast food, such as fried chicken, on the streets. Early in the morning, automobiles and pedestrians line up on Bole Edna Mall Road, one of Addis Ababa’s busiest streets. They anticipate the arrival of two vehicles bearing the name “Bama Coffee.”

In some parts of the world, purchasing food or beverages on the street is lauded because it saves time and allows for the purchase of fresh goods. Some private businesses have recently begun offering snacks and hot drinks with better service than what people were used to in an effort to change the street food culture in Ethiopia.

While pouring coffee and macchiato, Bama Coffee entrepreneur Daniel Tesfaeyesus and his staff hurriedly cut the fresh, home-baked banana cake. After a minute or so, their clients leave with a hot beverage in a takeout cup and go to their various offices.

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