I expressed my childhood in music

On Sunday on EBS, a fun chat with Ethiopian singer Meseret Belete. I used music to convey my youth—Meseret Belete. “A little compassion goes a long way” is a proverb that holds true when it comes to keeping a happy marriage.

In fact, researchers at the University of Washington made a model that could predict how long a marriage would last with a stunning 94 percent accuracy. What are the main determinants of a relationship’s duration? generosity and consideration.

Even while it can seem overly simplistic, consider this: aren’t kindness and generosity frequently the first traits toddlers are taught and repeated throughout their lives? Even if it may be a little more difficult to apply compassion and generosity in marriages and other serious long-term relationships, the fundamental “golden rule” should still be followed. In good marriages, both partners accept their own and one another’s shortcomings. Since they are aware that nobody is flawless, they accept their spouse as they are.

Think about your relationship with your partner. When they discuss your job or other topics you might not be interested in, are you really listening? Work on learning how to actually listen to your partner, even if you find the topic of the conversation uninteresting. Every interaction you have with your partner should be kind.

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