This is going to be the new Tilahun Gessesse

Ilahun Gessesse was born in Addis Abeba on September 29, 1940, and passed away on April 19, 2009.

Woizero Gete Gurmu and Ato Gessesse Negussee gave birth to Tilahun. He was brought by his grandfather to Waliso, Oromia, when he was fourteen years old, where he started attending Ras Gobena Elementary School.

His grandfather advised him to focus on his academic studies, but as time went on, his love in music became more and more apparent. Tilahun’s love in music was encouraged by Mr. Shedad, the Sudanese principal of Ras Gobena School, who also persuaded him to move to Sudan to further his musical career. Despite not traveling to Sudan, Tilahun took Mr. Shedad’s counsel very seriously. Tilahun seized the chance to talk to Ato Eyoel about his interest in music when Woizro Negatwa Kelkai, Ato Eyoel Yohanes, and other performers from the Hager Fikir Theatre visited his school to perform. If he wanted to work in the field, people told him he should go to Addis Abeba.

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