When I was one day away from getting married to another man, we met and then parted ways.

A party was being planned by my family. I was about to get married to another man when we met and parted ways. What do you get when you mix a former producer of ABC’s The Bachelor with an American actress? a TV-produced marriage proposal Elan Gale and Molly C. Quinn, his then-girlfriend of eight months, visited Seattle for a weekend and stopped by a jewelry shop, where she fell in love with a vintage emerald ring.

If you ever want to propose to me, try to find something similar to this, Quinn advised. Gale went back to the shop the following day, bought the ring, and hid it under their bed for the following three years. In an Instagram post, he said, “That’s where the ring has been hidden for the previous 40 months.”

“Only three feet from Molly’s usual sleeping spot.” Gale made the proposal in December 2019 while on a ski holiday in Japan. Most wedding planning to-do lists include picking out a dress, finding a place to hold the wedding, and booking a photographer.

Learning how to sign the lyrics to one of her favorite songs was another goal of Liz Shoesmith’s. Instead of walking down the aisle, the Australian bride surprised her deaf husband by walking toward him while signing the words to Christina Perri’s hit song “A Thousand Years.”

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