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Yihune Belay And Melat on Ethiopian Epiphany Celebration

For the next four days, the Ethiopian Church (Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church) will be celebrating Epiphany.

It will be observed on Janmeda in the capital Addis Abeba’s Sidist Kilo neighborhood. Before the water is ready for the believers, the laity, choirs, deacons, and clergy make their way to the “timkete bahir,” where the religious ceremony is performed.

On Epiphany, we remember when John the Baptist baptized the Lord Jesus Christ in the Jordan River.

Although it is observed throughout Ethiopia, the celebration in Gondar stands out because it is so vibrant. It draws vacationers from all around the world. Local news sources say that on Tuesday alone, there were about 23 flights between Addis Abeba and Gondar.

The Timkat in Gondar also attracts locals from all over Ethiopia. As with Christian religious traditions, city residents offer their homes.

One of the outdoor religious festivals, Epiphany, lasts three days. The remainder of the Orthodox world observes the feast.

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