What truly is the Bermuda triangle

People have been fascinated by the mysterious disappearances of people, ships, and planes in the Atlantic Ocean’s Bermuda Triangle for decades.

Some make wild claims about extraterrestrials abducting people for scientific study, the impact of the long-lost continent of Atlantis, vortices that pull things into alternate realms, and other unproven theories as explanations for the unexplained disappearances. Some explanations, if not all of them, have a stronger scientific foundation. Some of these are breaks in the geomagnetic field line and oceanic flatulence, which is when methane gas is released from ocean sediments.

Many, if not most, of the disappearances might be explained by environmental factors. Most hurricanes and tropical storms in the Atlantic pass through the Bermuda Triangle. Before there were better ways to predict the weather, many ships were lost in these dangerous storms. Additionally, the Gulf Stream can bring about abrupt, even dramatic, shifts in the weather. Because of the Caribbean Sea’s numerous islands, there are many shallow water areas, which can make ship navigation dangerous. Some evidence shows that a “magnetic” compass may sometimes point to “true” north instead of “magnetic” north in the Bermuda Triangle.

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