Daniel Tegegne, an artist, and his family

I bid Dega Damot farewell. There is no such thing as suffering. I inhaled some air. My world has changed. What a wonderful place this is. Ethiopia is a mountainous nation. She is still inhaling fresh air even though she isn’t spewing cash from her mountains. Mountains make up over 75% of the highlands. Dega was given the name Damot for this reason. A neighborhood in the West Gojam zone is called Dega Damot. The chain of the huge mountain reached to the area where I am and connected to it. I live close by. I’m located 112 kilometers away from Bahr Dar. Fnote Salam is the name of the zone’s capital. From Fnote Salam, it is 87 kilometers away. I am traveling from Taame Aba Kedt to the horse house. I arrived in a unique location. You enter Keke through the rafters. a boisterous rural lung that is less frequented but also foreign to mountain tourists. I focused on the four disputes that I could make out in the distance. the height of Ethiopia’s Gojam Tower. I eagerly await the time when I can gather it and give it to you. I’ve been proud of the Amhara Environment and Forest Protection Authority for a few years now because they kindly designated Mount Choke as a protected area.

Choke Mountain descends to a depth of 1600 meters above sea level. The largest peak on a different planet is this one. Choke is one of the oldest mountains in Ethiopia, with a peak elevation of 4400 meters. A chain is a choke. The districts of Bechna are divided by the eastern portion, which stretches to the Mount Markos slopes. The land of North Keke is warm. The southwest portion of the picture has four arguments. Damot, where I am, has been reached from the south. I first saw this here. The highland vegetation posed a threat to the land. Additionally, horses can be spotted occasionally. The angel on earth I’ve been eyeing is right here. I arrived at the horse’s home. He would have cried blood if the road hadn’t been built. For the oppressor who was still crying, my heart ached. “I miss you, I miss the way of the horse, like straw to travel,” I said to my land. He’s been dealing with it. This country’s producers have been given a shortcut to the market. Damot Street is one. I’ve made it to the horse’s home. It is one of the nation’s oldest cities. There are numerous excellent attractions in Guyana. I’ll try to investigate Damot. A lifetime for those with taste, a lifetime for complete ecotourism, a lifetime for the highlands, where growing older has no negative effects—the plateau, let’s go to the plateau together.

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