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For more than three years, Dr. Solomon served as the Ready Clinic’s clinical chief. During this time, he helped a number of specialists who wanted to join the specialty program in interesting ways. By supplying tools, they have a significant influence in providing clients with answers. Additionally, Dr. Solomon has made numerous efforts to promote ophthalmology throughout the nation.

Ophthalmologists have received improved training and offered their insight to prevent visual impairment in a variety of government and non-government, private health schools and training programs, as well as in the ready medical clinic where they work.

The emergency clinics at Debreberhan, Ambo, Wareilu, Dodola, Mekaneselam, Gendeber, and Atat were very important in helping residents who were experiencing waterfalls and making the work easier.

Dr. Solomon, who has served as the director of the clinical section of the Alarm Emergency Clinic for the past three years, has recently provided various forms of assistance to the healthcare facilities affected by the violence.

He has been selected by the Department of Wellbeing to receive the Lifetime Proficient Help Award for the current year.

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