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The reaction of Helen Teklay seeing her new images

The baby shower for Helen Teklay’s first child. Most of us would admit to having terrifying late-night thoughts while pregnant, in which we questioned our decision to become parents or wondered if we would still be the same person after having a child. Those of us who planned to return to work after having a kid might have been concerned about our ability to stay focused on our professions.
Following Bethlehem’s pregnancy announcement, a fan expressed concern that her career will suffer as a result of her new role as a mother. She was worried that the artist would not live up to her high expectations. She reasoned, “When you have this baby, either he/she/it will suffer or your job will suffer.” Palmer wrote an open letter on Medium about her fears of “losing her identity as an artist” when she becomes a mother. “Would having kids make me a dull, insignificant, and overlooked artist?” She was afraid that if she had children, she would become an uninteresting, unrecognized artist. Would I suddenly start writing songs about balance…? Would I become that irritating parent who is so captivated with their child that it’s difficult to have intelligent discourse about art with them because they’d rather show you iPhone images of their infant drooling mashed carrots?” Guests send the pregnant mother small presents. Diapers, blankets, baby bottles, clothing, and toys are examples of baby gifts. Opening gifts during the party are common; in some situations, the host will integrate a game into the procedure. A family’s first opportunity to gather individuals to help with their child’s development is at a baby shower; new parents may want to engage the services of others to help them nurture and educate their child over time. People who care about a family want to be engaged in the child’s life, and a baby shower gives them the opportunity to do so by bringing presents and volunteering assistance, displaying their love for the family. If it happens before the baby is born, the new parents will have time to show their thanks before being overwhelmed by the responsibilities of caring for a newborn and a lack of sleep.

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