Mekdes Hailu, an artist, once said, “My brother raised us like a father.”

A fun conversation with artist Mekdes Hailu. Mekdes Hailu, an artist, was my brother and he raised us as a parent. Many public projects from the past needed price modifications of up to 200 percent because of dalliance. The PM’s projects have transformed Ethiopia’s history of poor and subpar project performance and are now completed on schedule.

If there is proof that public projects are being delayed, we are ready to launch an audit. More than hearsay, we need evidence. Prior to completing the audit, we receive all budgetary records, particularly loan and aid documents, from the Ministry of Planning and Development (MoPD). The audit is then started after we have prioritized the issues.

We conduct audits of every government agency. There are 175 federal institutions, and the Audit Service Corporation is auditing 15 of them this year. The rest is being audited by OFAG. We carry out specific audits, financial audits, and audits of performance. Our declaration, which is now in the pilot stage, also makes reference to the IT audit. In the future, we’ll continue it fully.

This year, we were successful in returning to the government more than 4.1 billion birr that had been improperly spent. We have sent numerous examples of public money misconduct to the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) for additional judicial examinations.

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