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How to tell if your partner is not a good match for marriage

You’ve probably reached a point in your life where you’re ready to settle down and start a family. You might feel your age or have been a bridesmaid too often but never been the bride. Maybe you’re tired of watching as all of your closest friends and coworkers tie the knot. There is only one problem: even if you are in the correct frame of mind, it’s possible that you aren’t sure your partner is the perfect one. This is a rather big problem to have! This is the person you will marry because a marriage requires two people to function. So, you might want to look at your relationship and think about some important things to see if he really is a good candidate for marriage before you move forward.

Playing video games is a wonderful pastime for everybody, regardless of gender, but it shouldn’t turn into an obsession (unless this obsession is putting food on the table, of course). Let’s face it: Unless you and your spouse have a common interest, playing video games is not beneficial. Maybe this weekend he’ll decide to plan a fancy getaway or a fancy date for the two of you. Consider again; he’s already made arrangements with his brothers that seem much more interesting than anything he’s ever done with you. That’s not you, no. All women, and even some men, want to feel heard when they have something important to say. If he’s just not a good listener, talk to him openly about how you’re feeling (which would describe most men). People who genuinely care about you will try to meet you halfway.

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